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Pronto M61 from Invacare

Pronto M61 from Invacare The sleek and stylish Invacare Pronto M61 is an affordable centre wheel drive power chair with 6 wheels on the ground for optimum safety and stability. It features Invacare’s Sure Step® technology for smoother driving over lower thresholds. Designed around a compact base, the Pronto M61 provides excellent manoeuvrability especially in confined spaces, and the electric seat provides 12 cm of elevation.

Optimum Comfort

The padded, shaped van seat ensures you are comfortable for day long use, while the popular configurable seating system offers a wide range of seat sizes allowing you to achieve an optimum fit. For
easier transfers into or out of the Pronto M61, the seat will rotate 90 degrees in either direction, and the van seat armrest can flip up or alternatively the armrests can be removed altogether.

Upwardly mobile

With its centre wheel drive and its compact dimensions, the Pronto M61 gives excellent manoeuvring in very small spaces and has a very tight turning circle. The simple to operate seat will electrically raise you up to 12 cm. In the
elevated position it provides increased accessibility, which is ideal in an office environment or when you are out and about.